Dr. Amar Joshi
Rain water harvesting and recharge consultant  

It is required to address to the impending WATER CRISIS for both Natural & Urban habitats. Half-hearted attempts are being made at Rainwater Harvesting in cities and with much publicity given in the media. The so called 'experts' of Rainwater Harvesting swear by mediocre & repetitive articles on internet & have no clue about what role Geosciences has in this regard. THE SUBJECT HAS BECOME MORE CONTRACTORS DRIVEN MOVEMENT.

Welcome to Inner Space Exploration Services (ISES) - a name given to the consultancy services offered by The Geologist Dr. Amar N. Joshi since 1984.


Our mission at Inner Space Exploration Services (ISES) is to provide purely technical consultancy rather than contracting solutions to provide cost effective and innovative solutions in water resources, environmental engineering management & quality services to the client.


Inner Space Exploration Services (ISES) offers sustainable geological environmental consulting solutions to clients in India & outside India for the purpose of evaluating environmental conditions like water resource management, water resources conservation, and assessment of risks to human health and the environment.

ISES strives to provide specialized groundwater services for mining, civil, agriculture, water supply and wastewater management. Our services include:



Services offered by us are:

Contact us to help you cut implementation costs and leverage the benefits of technology guided only by TECHNICAL CONSULTATONS. We understand water, technology and business.