Dr. Amar Joshi
Rain water harvesting and recharge consultant  


Dr. Amar Joshi has been a consulting Geologist since 1984, working in his individual capacity. Dr. Amar Joshi advises various large construction companies, industries, architects, landscapers, farmers, high level individuals on diverse issues and has experience in advising the environment friendly aspects of a project.

Dr. Amar Joshi is a Geologist having done:
➤ B.Sc. in Geology & Chemistry, St. Xavier's college, Bombay University, 1977
➤ M.Sc. in Applied Geology, I.I.T. Bombay,1980
➤ Ph.D. on Engineering Geology, I.I.T. Bombay, 1984

  Specific Expertise

Dr. Amar Joshi has been involved in a several projects in diverse areas of Applied Geology including:
✓ Groundwater exploration and mapping.
✓ Hydrogeological surveys.
✓ Concept, designing working Rainwater Harvesting systems, best suited to each site.
✓ Managed Aquifer Recharge techniques, Water Conservation methods
✓ Remote sensing techniques for feasibility studies for watershed & for Water conservation practices to be adopted for large sites.
✓ Assessment of Engineering Geological properties of rock mass and rock material.
✓ Environmental geology
✓ Concept and Designing of various waste water recycling methods.

RAINWATER HARVESTING (RWH) methods and MANAGED AQUIFER (ARTIFICIAL) RECHARGE, (MAR) - the focus of my work - there needs to be a source of water, space in an aquifer to store the water and mechanisms to recover the water for beneficial use. These components need to be quantified and put in the overall context of natural recharge and discharge, including abstraction, to assess the impact of MAR in relation to the investment made.

Poorly designed and managed water harvesting systems can cause soil erosion, soil instability, and local flooding. Today no one water harvesting method or material has proven suitable for all areas, soils, and climatic conditions. Design of water harvesting system has received less attention than methods or treatments for increasing runoff from the soil surface. Most design procedures are limited in application because of constraints of availability of data.

'Rainwater Harvesting' and 'Groundwater Recharge' are now two catchwords which are commonly used by most people without realizing their full significance.

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